Orkut – Where art thou?

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Social Networking
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Orkut??? This was the website on everyone’s lips, some years back. People used to wake up all night long to increase the number of their scraps, add friends, add photos and what not!! School kids used to throw tantrums just to get access, hunting through google for proxies, just to view their “Crapbook” – An elixer of life for them!!

I have lost the count for the number of times, I made and deleted an account!! Finally, I settled without any “Chirkut Account” – Score Zero!! Bring it on baby!!

I’d rather start referring it as “Dorkut” through the course of this post!! Everytime, I log-on to Dorkut, i feel as if i am on a ghost ship!! Evil spirits are on the prowl to bore you until you die!!

If you remember the extinct specie “HI5”, it’s imperative to say, Hi5 is like kindergarten, you grow up to reach Dorkut, your high school. Later, you graduate from  high school you move to college that is in facebook.

Oh, before i forget, a kid name “Twitter” also took admission in the same school however, never managed to get high grades!!

The irony for Dorkut is, most of you all of you would’ve had got this once daily, “aur bhai kaisa hai,yaar 1 ya 2 scrp hume bhi kr diya kr………..”…Obviously, I will exclude gals from the terminology “Bhai”…Come on, use your brains and replace it with whatever is applicable for you!

But FFS, if i get another “Farmville” invite on FB, without a shadow of doubt, I will switch to the traditional E-mail communication and take “Sanyaas” from the whole social networking bullshit!!

ps:- No offense to orkut lovers!! It’s based on my perceptions and beliefs! Any resemblance to copyrights, logos, real persons, living or dead, is coincidental. I am not blaming Google!! It’s just orkut! Literally!! Do not blame me, throw stones, torture me, crucify, strangle or plan to do anything nasty with me (Don’t get your hopes high!). Any such attempt will be registered in Indian Penal Court xxx and I will curse you to become a bloated, fat, humpty-dumpty alike clone!

  1. D'puk says:

    bwahahahaha! This is actually awesome 😉
    Wepull’s officially back!

  2. Vipul says:

    Hell ya bro!

  3. tejasvi rana says:

    you have made a nice blog vipul…

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