Veer?? Now that’s something Queer!

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Movies
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From the time i opened my eyes on the face of this planet, I expected (maybe too far-fetched) to smell the fresh air, birds chirping, greenery and fun! Anyway, that’s not the point. I have been wondering hard about the logic behind bollywood movies since 22 years. Till date, I must say it remains a mystery. If Sherlock Holmes would’ve been alive, solving this mystery would be his toughest case to crack.

I don’t understand why in the blue hell do they make bollywood movies!! I can very well relate our movies to Russell Peters stand-up joke where he mentioned how, Indian movies are Awfully Long. It’s based on a Protagonist and his beloved who run in a farm, singing songs, playing hide and seek around trees and in the end the protagonist dies! Before he is dead though (takes about 2 hrs), he will squeeze in a song or two, travel around the globe and finally choke to death (Damn it! I could’ve had killed him in mere seconds)!

To talk about VEER, it is certainly something QUEER! Why do filmmakers in India make terrible rip-offs of hollywood movies? How in the blue hell can you compare TROY with Veer?? Mr Nude (Salman Khan) has made the script and I can very well relate how AWESOME it is going to be! I mean, I will be in Awe (if i watch it that is) literally!

Mr Nude here thinks that by showing his 6 packs and fluffy muscles, he can match Brad Pitt!! Gimme a break! You can be the next Brad Shit but not Brad Pitt dude!

To add to the fun, he wrote this script 20 years ago! Dude 20 years back, you were a cry baby, crying for Ash, gals and what not!! How did you get time to write a script?? And come on, Ladies and Gentleman it’s Mr Nude, our famous over actor! I am certain that he was born in Africa? Gobi Desert?, finding it difficult to get accustomed to the weather here! That’s why he has to take off his clothes every now and then!

Veer will be a disaster, its fate, it’s Maktub (You would know that word if you have read “The Alchemist”)..

Only 2% of Indian movies are worth watching! Rest are stupidity merged with stupid songs!!

Please for hell’s sake, if you want to even compare to Hollywood, give us all a break and make some good movies! Atleast, learn how to act for starters!

  1. Aditya Chawla says:

    Njoyed reading it . Very interesting .

  2. Vipul says:

    Thanks bro

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