C for CAT, C for Crap

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Random
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Here I am, sitting on saturdays and sundays dealing with the CAT mess. No I am not talking about meows or scratches, but the “famous”, “tough” nut to crack. I mean “dude…”, you are to spend your weekends for friends and family! And here i am, dealing lack of concentration. Well the reason!!! Someone was not allowed to go to the toilet and they urinated in between the exam! God!! I am not blaming the students…I “feel” for them!! What I am blaming is the system. I am blaming the time as I am sitting here when most of my friends are either sitting on “Gtalk” or “Facebook” scrapping their ass off and asking “Dhongi Baba” for their crappy future. I wouldn’t comment on the grievience system or anything…That would be too personal or perhaps might end up getting me in trouble.

Anywho, this post is not intended to be humorous. I gave the exam 3 years back and I know how critical it is for every individual (well there might be some exceptions as well). Anyway, what the hell! Let me add some fun to this as well.

Let us rephrase the meaning of CAT

CAT – Common Aids Test – An exam for all those who are suffering from symptoms such as lack of appetite, lethargy, tiredness and were not able to give their exams due to this reason.

CAT – Common Application for Termination – For all those who studied the hell out and got screwed this year.

CAT – Care and T-Bag – Well, T-Bag means to rub your balls on someone’s face. Maybe for those who never deserved a re-exam and got it (unfortunately!)

CAT – Common Aptitude Tae Twa – “Tae Taw” means “Shut up” in french…For those who are expecting anything good out of the exam system, just Tae Taw.

CAT – Crap ass Taint – Taint here refers to “Part between your ass and your balls”

CAT – Cajunkajunk assesment test – Cajunkajunk refers to a man’s fun parts…Fill in the rest as i don’t see a need to explain things here!

CAT – Calapidgion ass test – Calapidgion means having shapely buttocks. Screw the exam and be proud of your calapidgion while looking in the mirror.

I will stop making more now. As i am really bored and I don’t even know what the hell am i writing, I will leave you at peace now.


ps – This post was initially intended to be serious however, ended up being funny. This has no resemblence to anyone whatsoever and I have no responsibilities if it relates or concerns anyone anyway. If anyone has any issues with this, just drop in a comment and i will get back to you soon!


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