Bollywood at its best – Or is it?

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Movies
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At times, I think what this world has come to. It does not require rocket science to answer how evolution took place. Are we in the phase of reverse-evolution? Is our intelligence going from human to monkey? Well, it reminds me of Monkey business here.  I happened to watch Love, Sex aur Dhoka recently. Believe me, I am in shock. How can someone make a movie with anything in it? By anything, I mean a story line that is senseless, full of vulgarity and voyeurism. I agree it was different than most of the concepts. However, looking at the scenario, even I can make a movie with a video camera.

I know it has been a long time, since I wrote anything. Therefore, I am writing some of my funny ideas.

Some funny Hollywood+Bollywood titles can be –

1. Bridget Jones’s Diarrhea – Hajmola khao

2. Fart Wars – Andhkar aur Ujale ke beech yudh

3. Oh Brothel, Where Art Thou? (no comments)

4. The God Farter – Sarkar ne mara paad

5. The Hangover part 2 – The hangover is still not over – Sanam bewada

6. The mummy returns to kiss the papa

7. Scarfart – Pichwade pe daag

8. All Lice in Wonderland

9. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Disgusting

10. The catrunner

11. Indiana Jones – no country for old men

12. Bravefart

13. I still know what you did last summer, I was pregnant, will have kids the next summer

14. Turbanator – return of the governor

15. Shaving Ryans Privates

I know it isn’t funny…It is difficult to find a pun in Hollywood let alone copying the script.

*Parental Guidance required for this part of post.*

I am not sure if you are aware of the C-grade movies in India. To elaborate, it is like “Porn but on a lighter note”. Frankly speaking, I am not into these (aye, it has no standards) and hats off to those who dare to watch these in theaters. Even the developed countries do not have the guts to display Porn movies in Theaters! Here are some funny names that I found –

1. Khooni Raat

2. Naagin Ka badla

3. Saajan ki baahon mei

4. Kacchi Jawani

5. Hawas ka Pujari

6. Ek haseen korean aatma

7. bhoot ke piche bhoot (Even ghosts can’t rest in peace)

8. kaatil chuha

9. Ek choti si horror story

10. kabristaan ki love story

B/w how can we forget the hindi dub of Hollywood movies?

1. Aasman fatt gaya, bhagwan latak gaya

2. Makkad Manav (Spiderman) <bhojpuri>

3. Doobi Kashti (Titanic)

4. Ganji Chudail Ke Lambe Lambe Baal

5. Bhootni Ke (Ghost)

6. Hari da puttar (harry potter)

7. Alisha gayi mayanagri (Alice in Wonderland)

8. Caribbean ke gunhegaar (Pirates of the Caribbean)

9. Bichu ka badshah (Scorpion King)

10. Ghar akela

11. Geedar

12. Makkhi Film (Bee movie)

13. Garam Kukkar (hot chick)

14. Pehle kabhi aadmi hua karta tha (She’s the man)

15. zinda hoon main (I am legend)

Here are a few more sequels to Bollywood movies (courtesy – Internet)

1) Paagal banaya aapne
2) Kuch nahi hota hai
3) Hum aapke jhopde mein rehte hain
4) Hum Kidney de chuke sanam
5) Jab hum bichhde
6) Ram Gopal Varma ki Bhaag
7) Hum aapke hain dhobi
8) Cholay
9) Heyy Budhaa
10) Kabhi Tata salt mat khaana
11) Kabhie wife kabhie girlfriend.
12) Bandwale band baja jayenge.

Jokes apart (really?), what is Bollywood coming to? Is it the end of the world for Indian cinema? Can it survive? To know more log-on to

ps – No offense to anyone whose favorite movie is listed above.


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