The FIFA 2010 Fever

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Sports
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FIFA World Cup 2010Fasten your seat belts as the flight to the ultimate entertainment bliss is just about to depart.  Yes, I am talking about FIFA! The long wait is over. I cannot believe that it’s been 4 years since I saw Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi. Well, I hope this year there is no such incidences. I was long bored with the so called “IPL T-20” season. I am no cricket buff and I really hate it when people switch channels to watch India lose. Imagine that you are watching your favorite sitcom and someone snatches the remote to look at the scores! They know deep inside that India will lose but no, they will never give up.

I am big FIFA buff though. I must admit that it’s been long since I started watching the matches and I am a true soccer lover. I wouldn’t talk about FIFA much because everyone knows about it. For those who don’t, get your facts right.

I was just having a thought – “What if India would’ve qualified for FIFA 2010?” Here is an insider –

1. India might set new records. It lost to japan last year by 7-0

2. The Indian aggression might force the whole team to sit in the locker room. Most of the players will definitely get a red card.

3. If Zidane was a surprise for people, Indian players might surprise you further with their slaps, cusses, and silly abuses.

4. Maybe, for the first time in history a team might lose at 90-0. 90 is the total duration of a game. I am counting minutes here, maybe they may lost at 5400-0 with a goal each second (Anything can happen when Indian team is around)

5. The players will have a big argument over the game. They will have a fight over the name of the game. How come they qualified for “FUTBAL” (Indian term for football) and are playing in SOCCER?

6. Is there a domestic league in India? Nah, I am not talking about IPL!! Is there a IFL? or a FL or a L?

7. They might argue that it’s the WORLD CUP and there is no CUP shaped trophy!

8. They are against the concept of Golden Boot! By all means, they are still expecting a KOHINOOR boot exported from England.

9. They will complain about having personalized cheerleaders

10. They might spend the whole first half as a strategic timeout

Now beat this fact! In 1950 FIFA invited India to be play in the World Cup played in Brazil. The world football governing body was willing to pay for the flights and it would have been Delhi via Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro tickets with KLM. But the then AIFF administration decided against sending a team as FIFA made it mandatory in 1950 to wear football boots. Indians in those days used to play barefoot and such a change would have hampered the teams performance.

Now beat this! India qualified in 1950 because the 3 other teams in our qualifying pool of 4 withdrew. Do you know that Durand Cup is the third oldest football tournament in the world after the FA cup(England) and the Scottish cup?

Now see one of the causes that says India should win 2022 World cup. Forget winning, let them qualify first. I am not trying to demean my country here! I am just stating facts 🙂

B/w check out the 100 facts about FIFA, written by a friend of mine. They are really nicely crafted.

And yes, I love the FIFA 2010 Theme –

And Shakira’s Waka Waka rocks!!


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