India will become a developed nation by 2025. Sure it will be developed but after 2025 more years. Change forces a nation and its people to change. Maybe its true for every country in the world, be it Afghanistan, Iraq, or North Korea. But India is something different. Whenever I try to find a reason to be proud of, I get 10 more reasons to despise the system even more.

Commonwealth games are to be hosted in Delhi in October, 2010. How? That is another story. Any chance that India pegs in is taken as an opportunity by our “Politicians” to fill their pockets. What I read in the newspapers is the daily fluctuations in the dollar rate, the petrol price, and the taxes. The government changes the tax structure and is being more stringent with it so that they are able to monitor every individual. What about the individuals who sleep in cash heaps? Yes, the Politicians of our nation.

Months ago, I read how a section of the false ceiling at the Yamuna Sports Complex, scheduled to hold the table-tennis event, collapsed after heavy rains.. Well, it isn’t something new is it? There were also problems at the S P Mukherjee Swimming Complex, which hosted a test event last week, as a part of the false ceiling was broken and a swimmer was hurt after a cover on the water drainage system around the swimming pool came off. Again nothing new!!

The Central vigilance committee (CVC) found that majority of contracts for the CWG were illegal. Again, it isn’t something new. What’s new for me is Sheila  Dixit’s statement that the Central Vigilance Commission’s (CVC) allegations of corruption in the organization of Commonwealth Games are “remarks” and not an “indictment”. The CWG money is eaten by Congress leaders who are looting our country since very long even before independence.

I have no idea how these shameful morons have the guts to stand up in front of people and ask for votes. What did they do or will do to ever deserve the leadership of a nation? They cannot stop terrorist attacks and the irony is that most of them are involved in these are from India.

I know, I will be asked this question, “If you have so much to crib about, why don’t you change the nation? Join politics!”. Is that a lame excuse to show your ignorance? Or is it a statement that depicts your satisfaction with the progression of our country or the “GOOD” work done by our politicians?

Everyone should boycott elections! How does it matter if we vote for BJP or Congress? They all are leeches feeding on our nation. How does it matter if Shiv Sena is responsible for chaos in Maharashtra when many of our politicians are aware and even give leverage to the terrorists of our nation. An attack on India is equivalent to the salary increment of the defense and home ministers. It’s like their ‘Key responsibility areas’.

I am confident that CWG will be a huge disappointment. Maybe, the participants and the spectators coming from other nations would not know. But we know it! Crookedness, Falsification, corruption, and chauvinist people is the key to our nation’s decline!

The statistics we get every year on how India is progressing is a mere sham! We are losing more than gaining. The speed with which progress might never increase when compared to the superpowers. Of course, we have the potential. But, as long as we have such great people in India, we will be continuously blindfolded with false statistics and promises.

So what can we do? I don’t know! Maybe everything or maybe nothing. But I’ll do my part by not voting for anyone, ever. I am not shirking away from my responsibility. How many responsible citizens who vote have ever got anything good out of their votes? Responsibility is a mere disguise to help the politicians grab the leadership of our country!

If we were so responsible, we would force the nation to change. Not the politicians forcing us to change.

Are we ready????? NO!


ps – I have so many friends in the CWG planning committee. I am aware of what they do! “NOTHING” is the word!!

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