Dhobi Ghat – For Classes & not Masses

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Movies
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“Mr. Perfectionist” may have failed his fans who had expectations. Expectations that this will be something new in terms of an overly Aamir movie, a classic, and a pure entertainment. Expectations that like his earlier movies, this would be “Flawless”. Well, people with such “expectations” would be disappointed. I am glad I do not fall in that category.

Though I didn’t find Dhobi Ghat a true “Benchmark” of art films but it was an experiment – an experiment that succeeded. I am a Aamir fan but I have an eye, a taste, and a sense! When I spend my 150 bucks, I expect something good and I have no shame in being a critic – fan or no fan.

Talking about the movie, the first thing that truly mesmerized and still does, while I write this is the soundtrack – a job well done Gustavo Santaolalla, hats off to you! The movie is about 4 lives and how they share a common thing – Dhobi Ghat. That’s the place, which links their lives or rather changes it radically.

Meet Arun, a successful painter, lonely and icy cold (Heartless, maybe). Throughout the movie, you can literally count the dialogues of Aamir – so fans that’s a big disappointment. However, if you look at the overall concept, you will know why he spoke less! I’ll come to that later. Enters Shai – who isn’t shy! A US based investment banker, who has a passion of photography, who is on a sabbatical. Capturing movie in her lens is what she wishes to do; an outgoing girl who finds her love interest in Arun.

Munna, who is a nocturnal Dhobi and a diurnal rat killer, a wannabe hero, a Salman fan; Munna connects all the characters in the movie. He has a crush on Shai and apparently, is a “tour guide” for her. Yasmin, a cute and bubbly girl, who narrates her experiences in a video and who is not happy with her married life. I wouldn’t reveal too much here but she sparks the lost love interest of Arun, making him more lively.

Frankly, I have not lived in Mumbai. I had a lot of negative buzz about the movie. However, I kept my mind open before watching it. For instance, I did get bored and the movie seemed more like a “scrambled egg”. It seemed as if these are the 4 characters, this is their life, that’s it, end of the story!

However, when you think of it, it crawls deep in your skin. It shows how unlike a movie, life isn’t about jazz! It isn’t often fair. I was searching for a lesson, a lesson that I could learn from the movie. Though I had a difficulty scrutinizing the movie for such a lesson, I found it finally – Life goes on and you move on!

Although, I wouldn’t call it “AMAZING in true sense” but Kiran has tried to experiment something new. I found this concept exciting and as I wrote earlier, the movie is for classes and not for masses. For those who would expect a cocky character like that in Dabaang, a romantic protagonist like that in Kuch Kuch hota hai, something supernatural like that in Robot, or anything of that sort, would definitely be disappointed. However, if you dive in deep, you will find how good the movie is. The problem with Bollywood per se in India is that the expectation of people is not “Classy” yet “THIS MOVIE SHOULD GIVE ME A LAUGH OF MY LIFETIME! IT SHOULD CONTAIN ROMANCE, A BIT OF ENVY, A FEW MORSELS OF STEAMY MOMENTS, TOPPED WITH SOME ITEM SONGS. However, that’s not where you’ll find class. Aamir made it clear that this movie is different! Even the trailers shouted the same.

Movies in France have been long known for art films, a true class, and that’s what Kiran has brought in India. Coming to my previous statement where I said how the dialogues of Aamir in the movie can literally be counted. That has been done to portray his silent, cold hearted character. However, I honestly think, it was done so that the focus of the movie should not focus on merely Aamir. And that’s what happened. Kiran used a balanced approach in building a story around all the characters. But yes, the newcomers have truly done a great job!!

This movie is not perfect in any sense. It has it flaws. The ending was my major source of complain as it was really abrupt. Also, the movie could be a bit longer to build on the characters. Overall, I liked the concept. When I came to the exit of the theater, I heard mixed reactions, “Awesome”, “Damn, Aamir is thinking of another Oscar nomination yet this doesn’t even deserve to be nominated.”

I would not comment on the reactions but before watching this movie it is recommended to clear your mind. If you are looking for pure entertainment, Dhobi Ghat would disappoint you. I like how Aamir has the guts to experiment things, unlike some actors (Akshay Kumar to be more precise) who can do any/every movie just for the hell of it! Hell, one unique movie is better than 10 in a year, which makes no sense.

Kiran has certainly brought a true class in India and I hope our film industry finds some motivation from this and use the concept to their disposal.

PS – Aamir, please release the soundtrack…I badly want it 😦


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