La Tomatina – Paint it with poverty #fail

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are fests, festivals, beliefs, and events that have come to India from the Western World. While some of them have become a part of India, some are not. And there is a reason behind it.

After the huge success of zindagi na milegi dobara (ZNMD), there is one thing we got to know hands on – “Spain is beautiful”. For those who were not aware of La Tomatina earlier (or did not know how to spell it for that matter) are raving its concept. But does that mean we Indians can afford it? The idea in itself is ridiculous.

The so-called replica of La Tomatina fest organized in Delhi to be held today, has been called off thanks to some responsible people who approached the media, police, and other authorities. “Why can’t it happen in India if it is happening in Spain?” “We are bringing Spain to Delhi.” Really? In Spain, low quality and cheap tomatoes are specially grown for the festival. These are provided to the participants by the city council. The festival is celebrated to embrace the overproduction of tomatoes in the country. For us, Indians, none of it holds true. We cannot afford it! It is difficult to grow vegetables in the extreme climate of India; thinking about growing tomatoes for a festival is plain ridiculous.

The organizers of the event, Flashback Entertainment, and some other supporters are giving ridiculous theories. “If we can waste water in Holi why not tomatoes?” “If we cause so much of pollution during Diwali, why not letting people yearn for food?” What! What! What! Any idea has criticism but there is a thin line between argument and reasoning. Just because Diwali and Holi holds a sentimental value to Indians and that wasting water, pollution, etc. is an issue yet we know people are sensitive about it doesn’t mean you can introduce a ridiculous idea in the light of other ills in the economy.  It literally means, “He stabbed her. Now, I will stab him, period.” If you cannot solve a problem, do not create bigger problems.

India, where hundreds of thousands die of starvation, where getting two times meal is a dream come true for many, where even middle-class people like us have to work their butt off, and where the government is so corrupt that we cannot really help; why add fuel to the fire? The problem is with our youngsters who get inspired by fiction and wish to make it real. While there is no harm in being a dreamer but there should be a sense of practicality in it. If one person yearns to jump in a well, thousands will follow. That is because today, brains exist but are kept in a museum, literally.

For those, who argue that starting this festival in India will help farmers; my question to you is how? “If we buy tonnes of tomatoes, throw it on each other, waste it, the price will increase and it will help the farmers.” Really? People with such reasoning have not read economics. Or they have merely cheated in exams and know nothing about it. There is a concept called “Demand and Supply” and “Price Elasticity.” If prices increase -> Demand decreases – > A Loss for Farmers. I mean seriously, do you believe India has zero inflation that you could think of such a ridiculous idea?

Everyone likes to a party and it is no crime. But partying irresponsibly especially when you harm not hundreds, not thousands, but millions is certainly a crime. You may not realize it but some people do and they will raise their voice. Think about your mom shopping for veggies, putting her love while she cooks that delicious dish you really want to eat today. You get your food on the table without fail. But ask her how much did she spend in buying those veggies? Ask your parents how much they spend in getting you nourished, educated, and learned. If they get to know that their kids would someday think that wasting what they eat is an amazing idea, they would bang their head on the wall for having raised such ogres with no brains. Then we blame the government for inflation not noticing that we have such “brainiac” for youngsters among us.

Today it is La Tomatina, tomorrow it will be something else. If you cannot help solve a problem, do not create one. If there is something wrong in India does not mean you have a right to justify a stupid thing. I am glad this event is being called off. Apparently, the organizers tried it twice but thanks to some responsible people such as Kaushik Bose, Vijender Sharma, and many more that such a sham will not be a part of India. It’s been a long time since I have blogged but this was so going to my blog!!

Kudos to sensibility as it is not extinct!

  1. nishtha says:

    i agree

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